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Here is what others are saying about Honada restaurant:

 "From a successful position as the chef of Japanica, a restaurant where he prepared fresh sushi and other Japanese dishes at 4918 S. 74th St. in Greenfield, Shi has opened his own restaurant in Kenosha.

It's called Honada and it seats 150 diners. Forty of those seats are around the traditional teppanyaki grills that were made famous in the 1970s and '80s by places like Benihana's of Tokyo.

Shi's restaurant is a bright place with just enough wood trim and a line of traditional booths on the north wall that are equipped with bright fabric curtains. If diners in any of the booths want privacy, the curtains can be drawn.

What proved most impressive about Honada was the absolute freshness and top quality of the seafood. It's what makes this new restaurant worth the 40-mile drive south to Kenosha.... "

"Over time I have tried almost everything on the menu and it is all great.  My "sushi friends" and I often discuss our favorite items and try to get each other to try this or that.  The giant scallop, the Naruto (no rice) roll with eel, the white tuna and the spicy scallop hand roll are my favs.

The Habachi side is fun to watch and also very good.  Salmon fried rice..yum!  If you're not sure you will like sushi, go for lunch, which is very reasonably priced and try a California roll.  Crab and avocado rolled up with a bit of cucumber.. you can't go wrong."

"I have only had the sushi so I can only comment on that.  I found the sushi platter to be very good with a wide variety of fish and presented in an appetizing manner.  The portion size was very large and one of the few times when I have had sushi that I actually felt full, usually I end up feeling comfortable.
The service was nice and attentive without making it seem like someone was looking over my shoulder.
The inside was very clean and arranged in a logical way.
A worthy stop for food when in the Kensoha area."

"Fell in love w/ this place the first time I ate here.  I had only had sushi a handful of times before ordering a maki roll and sashimi sampler @ Honada.  All of the fish that I consumed during my first visit to this wonderfull Japaneese restaurant helped confirm my belief that I really loved sushi.

All of their dishes are prepared by excellent sushi chefs in the front/ middle of the dining room, or @ one of 2 hibachi.  The non-sushi dishes are slightly better than average.  When dining here, the focus should remain on the quality fillets of fishe they use for their sashimi, and the flavor combination used in their maki rolls.

I could eat their spicy tuna roll once a week.  Their dragon roll and Godzilla roll are two of the best specialty rolls on the menu.

Most dinners come w/ miso soup and house salad.  Great place to take clients, friends, and family.  I even go there for my birthday!"

"OMG I love this place so much I could cry!!!"

"great sushi great service and atmosphere"

"Great people and great sushi"

"Hi everyone !

I'm a fan of sushis but to please my wife, we have sometimes Hibashi with the show (especially with friends) and I've never regretted anything.
The food is fresh and nicely prepared, the pices are correct, good quantities, it's clean and you can see the sushis chefs preparing them if you decide to sit at the counter.
We always get a booth. They are really nice for privacy. Even if it's busy, the place is quiet and relaxing. The waiters are good and only come once in a while to let you really enjoy your meal and company.
The best place around for Japonese food.

Bon appĂȘtit everyone !"